30 Day Reactivity Bootcamp

The biggest reason people don't get results in helping turn their reactive dog around is...consistency.

I get it. You can teach your dog to sit or lay down with what?...a couple of reps?

But after your 10th attempt at those reactivity skills you've been taught, you've still not moved the needle.

And the thing is, having a reactive dog can be downright frustrating. And embarrassing. I've totally been there.

Scanning the neighborhood, hyper vigilant and on the look out in case a dog appears out of nowhere (even though your trainer told you to stay calm). Or psyching yourself up just to go for a walk, because your dog's outbursts are embarassing and a little scary.

Thing is, you know your dog's good side. And you want the world to see it. And now, they can.

Listen, fixing reactivity isn't quick. It doesn't happen overnight. But it can happen. I've successfully rehabilitated over 800 reactive dogs and I'm here to tell ya, with consistency, you can absolutely turn your dog's behavior around. And we want to help you do it.

But you've got to be consistent to make it work. You've got to log the reps every...single...day.

No excuses. No "I'm too busy". No "I'll get to it tomorrow". Because I know from experience, "tomorrow" will quickly become "next week" which will quickly become "Never."

We've created a new kind of reactivity program designed to give your training, and your motivation a kick in the pants.

We'll be in your corner, reaching out DAILY to check in on your progress, to remind you to get out and do the work, and coaching you through simple lessons you can EASILY implement at home.

So if you've got a reactive dog, and you are ready to start seeing real progress, join the workshop. 

30 days. 

Daily emails. 

Training Videos. 


Together, we can kick reactivity to the curb for good. 

Who this is for: 

If you are suffering from any of the following forms of reactivity, we've created this workshop for you. 

- On leash reactivity towards other dogs 

- Fence fighting/reactivity at barriers

- Reactivity in the car 

- Reactivity when people come to the front door 

This workshop is NOT for you if...

- Your dog is overly fearful and retreats/cowers/hides when exposed to a trigger 

- Your dog has a bite history 

- Your dog has been in a serious fight with another dog 

- You are dealing with inter-dog reactivity/aggression inside of the home 

If this describes your dog, it's best to seek the advice of an in person professional. 



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