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Come "Geek Out" with us in one of our comprehensive online courses. We can't wait to train with you!

30 Day Engagement Bootcamp

Kick your dog's engagement into high gear with this intensive 30 day program designed to... Build Motivation and A...

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30 Day Tug Play Bootcamp

If you want to use tug play in your training, or as a way to build a better relationship with your dog... Now's your...

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30 Day Reactivity Bootcamp

The biggest reason people don't get results in helping turn their reactive dog around is...consistency. I get it. Yo...

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Build Drive in Working and Sport Dogs

What REALLY drives your dog? And how can you use those things to build motivation, energy, commitment and desire in y...

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Create a Foundation for Sport or Work

We've bundled FIVE of our best selling courses to give you all of the tools you need to build a rock solid relationsh...

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2022 VIP Training Weekend

July 29th - Aug 1, 2022 Join us for one of the most epic training experiences around. We’ll be hosting a live ...

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2022 LIVE Reactivity Retreat Weekend

  3 Full Days of Training! In this intensive 3 day LIVE in person event, you'll get all of the tools you need ...

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