Create a Foundation for Sport or Work

We've bundled FIVE of our best selling courses to give you all of the tools you need to build a rock solid relationship with your dog.

Do you have engagement envy?

Do you find yourself staring at those dogs who seem to only have eyes for their owner? Those dogs that listen at the drop of a hat, who choose their owner over anything in the environment, whose focus seems otherworldly?

And then, do you think to yourself, "I'll never get that!"

I've been there.

I used to think engagement and focus was a thing of fairy tales.

But then, I unlocked the secret. Getting a highly motivated and engaged dog isn't hard. In fact, building your dog's focus is actually quite fun. Not only that, but it can be accomplished in just minutes each day.


What you'll get: 

You'll get access to our top 5 best selling courses, designed to give you EVERYTHING you need to build motivation, work ethic, engagement and more. 

  1. Play with your food - So you learn to be more effective with food rewards in your training
  2. Engaged Tug Play - Build your dog's motivation for toy play and learn how to use toys to support your training goals
  3. 8 Weeks to Engagement - Learn how to rock solid engagement and work ethic 
  4. Drive Development - Understand and assess what naturally drives your dog and learn how to use those drives to crush your training goals. You'll learn topics like drive building, drive capping, and drive switching. 
  5. Impulse Control - Now that you've built motivation and desire, learn how to better control it (without sacrificing the enthusiasm!)

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