Build Drive in Working and Sport Dogs

What REALLY drives your dog? And how can you use those things to build motivation, energy, commitment and desire in your working or sport dog? 

Join us for our totally geeked out exploration into your dog's brain to learn how to make a drive assessment, how to build the drives you need for your training goals, and how to tone down those you might have too much of. 

Learn techniques and strategies for drive building, drive capping (so you can control and use the drives you've built) and overcoming drive leaking (if you've got a dog that's a little TOO much, pay close attention to this lesson!)

Also, for a limited time, snag a recording of our most recent 2 hour training workshop where we unpack "clean" drive and "dirty" drive, so that you can make sure you're building drive the RIGHT way. 

See ya in the classroom!


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