Build Rock Solid Engagement

I used to think engagement and focus was a thing of fairy tales.

But then, I unlocked the secret. Getting a highly motivated and engaged dog isn't hard. In fact, building your dog's focus is actually quite fun. Not only that, but it can be accomplished in just minutes each day.

Join us and unlock the methods to start giving your dog's engagement a kick in the pants!

You'll learn: 

~ What engagement is, and what it isn't
~ How to be effective with rewards, and how to build their value
~ How to use markers in your training
~ Games you can play to get rock solid engagement
~ How to deal with distractions in training
~ Common roadblocks that steal your dog's attention and how to avoid them

You'll receive one video lesson per week delivered straight to your inbox. Each lesson is approximately 20 minutes long outlining a little bit of theory, and giving you step-by-step instructions that you can implement right away to start transforming your dog's focus. You'll also get bonus workshops on advanced concepts in engagement to round out your learning experience. 

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