Build Skills for Obedience Sports

The most comprehensive program for crushing your competitive goals in 2020 and beyond...

The Collared Scholar's Sport Dog Toolbox is the only program of its kind, designed to give you everything you need to build a rock solid relationship with your dog, and develop the skills you need for success in competition.
When you enroll during this special limited time period, you'll get exclusive access to...
(1) Our most popular digital courses
  • 8 weeks to Engagement [Instant Access] ~ To build a rock solid relationship, improve motivation and get unbreakable and enthusiastic engagement
  • The Fundamentals of Engaged Tug Play [Instant Access] ~ To learn the right way to use toys in your training
  • Play with Your Food [Instant Access] ~ So you stop being a pez dispenser and start becoming more effective with food rewards 
  • Drive Development for Competitive Dog Sports [Month 2] ~ So you can learn what drive is, and what drives your particular dog, and so that you can build the drives you need, while controlling those you might have too much of.
  • Impulse Control [Month 2] ~ So your drivey dog doesn't suffer brain melt in training
  • Focused Heeling for Competitive Dog Sports [Month 3] ~ So you can finally get that flashy, powerful and PRECISE focused heel you've been after
  • Motivational Retrieve [Month 3]~ So you can master a speedy retrieve with calm, and committed holds 
  • And a few extra bonus courses you DON'T want to miss!
(2) Monthly Webinars and Live Sessions
You'll get exclusive access to a training webinar EACH MONTH where we'll unpack topics and behaviors you need to be successful in dog sports. You'll learn things like how to fade rewards, how to get trial ready, what judges look for, and how to teach additional behaviors and strategies you need to excel in your sport.
(3) Student Only Office Hours
We'll go LIVE to unpack YOUR training roadblocks every month.
 We kick things off Dec. 10th. Can't wait to see you there!

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