2022 LIVE Reactivity Retreat Weekend


3 Full Days of Training!

In this intensive 3 day LIVE in person event, you'll get all of the tools you need to finally say goodbye to frustrating behavior problems like barking, lunging, and pulling on the leash. It's time to say goodbye to your dog's reactivity...for good.

August 11th-14th

Port Angeles, WA

Here's what we'll cover: 

Over the course of 3 jam packed days, we'll cover important topics like...

  • The psychology behind your dog's reactive behaviors
  • How to build motivation for food rewards
  • Proper leash handling to give you better leverage and to help you feel more in control
  • How to get your dog to focus around the things that trigger their reactivity, without force
  • How to change your dog's emotions to forge positive associations with things that trigger reactivity
  • How to deal with your OWN insecurities while working with your reactive dog

What you'll get: 

Bring Your Dog: Choose a working spot, and bring your dog to the event. You'll get several sessions where you'll work hands on with our trainer, perfecting simply strategies that are tailored to your dog, and their reactive behavior. Dogs must be current on vaccinations to participate.

Observe and Learn: Choose an audit spot, and leave your pup at home. With an audit spot, you'll get to observe first hand, all of the training as it happens, and you'll get your questions answered as we work through several cases of reactivity. 


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